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Flapjack Succulent

Flapjack Succulent

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The flapjack succulent (Kalanchoe luciae) is also known as a paddle plant because of the paddle or clam-like shape of its leaves that form in rosette clusters. It's a striking house plant that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. In the right conditions, this drought-resistant plant can also be grown outside.

This plant is relatively easy to care for when you provide it with the proper conditions and care. Providing your flapjack succulent gets plenty of natural light and warmth, it isn't overwatered, and it's planted or potted in soil with good drainage, you can expect rapid and healthy growth.

Light: As you would expect from a succulent native to South Africa and the surrounding areas, the flapjack likes a lot of sun, but it also does fine in a partial sun position. In the hot, sunny summer months, know that you may need to offer your flapjack a little protection against intense direct sunlight to keep the leaves from having leaf scorch damage.

Watering: As you would expect with a succulent, flapjacks are drought-tolerant, and great care should be taken not to overwater. The soil should be allowed to fully dry out before rewatering when the weather is hot. During the winter, they will need minimal watering or none at all. It is best to water in the morning to give the plant's roots time to absorb the water and the leaves to dry before the sun sets.

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