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Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant, Dracaena masoniana 'Variegata'

Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant, Dracaena masoniana 'Variegata'

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The Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant (Sansevieria masoniana) is a unique and visually striking indoor plant known for its wide, paddle-like leaves with distinctive variegation. To ensure its health and vibrant appearance, follow these care instructions:

Light: Place your Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant in bright, indirect light. It can tolerate lower light conditions but will grow more slowly and may lose some of its variegation. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves. Maintain a temperature range of 60-85°F (15-29°C). Avoid exposing the plant to extreme temperature fluctuations or cold drafts, as they can stress the plant.
Watering: Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Water sparingly, approximately every 2-4 weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity of your environment. Overwatering can lead to root rot. It's better to underwater than overwater with this plant. Snake plants are adaptable to low humidity levels, but they may benefit from occasional misting or placement on a humidity tray to increase moisture around the plant.
Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix formulated for succulents or cacti. A mixture of potting soil, perlite, and sand can also work well. Ensure the pot has drainage holes to prevent waterlogged soil. Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the current root ball, as snake plants prefer slightly tight quarters. Repotting every 2-3 years or when the plant becomes root-bound is usually sufficient. Feed your Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant with a balanced, diluted, liquid fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) about every 2-4 months. Reduce or stop fertilizing during the dormant period (fall and winter). Trim any yellow or damaged leaves at the base using clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears. This helps the plant direct its energy towards healthy growth. Inspect your plant regularly for signs of pests, such as mealybugs or spider mites. If you notice any pests, isolate the plant and treat it with appropriate insecticidal soap or neem oil. Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plants can be propagated through division. When repotting, gently separate offsets (smaller plants that have grown at the base of the main plant) and plant them in their own pots.

While snake plants are generally considered mildly toxic if ingested, they can cause discomfort in pets. Keep the plant out of reach of curious animals to prevent them from chewing on the leaves.

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