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Euphorbia Guentheri (Sausage Spurge)

Euphorbia Guentheri (Sausage Spurge)

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Euphorbia Guentheri (Sausage Spurge) is a stout perennial succulent herb with long, cylindrical stems, with prominent spine-tipped tubercles and fleshy sickle-shaped deciduous leaves. The stems are unbranched, up to 3 feet (90 cm) long and up to 2 cm in diameter. The leaves are fleshy, up to 8 cm long and up to 1.8 cm wide. The blossoms are little with a red, rim-like gland and enclosed in 2 fused, greenish-white bracts with lovely, purple mottling.

Light: It prefers full to partial sunlight. Provides good sunlight at least 3-5 hours of the day, and turn it regularly so that your plant doesn’t begin to grow lopsided.

Watering: You can allow the soil to dry out between each watering. Before watering the plant check underneath the pot through the drainage holes to see if the roots are dry. If so then add some water. Do not water too often to prevent over watering, that can potentially kill it off.

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