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Whale Fin Sansevieria (Sansevieria Masoniana)

Whale Fin Sansevieria (Sansevieria Masoniana)

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This is an established plant in a 3 gall pot. 

This Sanseveria native to central Africa is commonly called Mason’s Congo Paddle, likely because of how its leaves have a characteristic paddle-shape. A handsome semi-succulent that reaches 1.5m tall and over time forms a loose, broad clump, this plant’s long, dark green and very wide leaves feature gorgeous dappled patterns on them, including smudgy light green dots or unique bands of purple. It prefers moderately bright or filtered light but can also tolerate low light. When grown in bright light, however, the plant will form a stalk of white flower clusters in the middle, and will also have stronger colours.

Light: Mason congo likes sufficient sunlight but is also tolerant of slightly shady environments. It needs a sufficient length of time in the sunlight but long periods of exposure to sunlight in the summer should be avoided. Otherwise, the gold-edged leaves seen in some varieties may turn white-edged. You should place mason congo indoors on a windowsill with exposure to sunlight.

If a mason congo is initially placed somewhere dark, you should move it into the light gradually, to allow the plant to get used to the increasingly bright light. Avoid placing it immediately into direct sunlight, so the plant doesn't get sunburned.

Watering: Mason congo is a somewhat drought-tolerant plant, which only requires moist soil in the spring and summer and dislikes the soil being too wet. In general, it needs to be watered twice a week, with a reduced frequency of watering during its winter dormancy period.

Watering plants with tap water that contains calcium or magnesium ions on a long-term basis could result in soil compaction. It is best to water these plants using either rain or snow water. Avoid the roots of the plants when watering to prevent waterlogging, which may cause the roots to rot.

Pro Tip: Spring and fall are the best seasons for mason congo to grow. During the summer, when the temperature rises too high, it should be kept away from direct sunlight, while in the winter, when the temperature is low, it should be placed indoors with sufficient sunlight and kept at a constant temperature above 10 ℃.

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