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  • Our story

    We are extension of Pinelands Nursery Company. A Plant Nursery and Landscaping company located in Milton, FL  that has been in business since 2005.  We are now expanding into the houseplant, cactus, and online plant world.  We have years of experience in growing trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, houseplants, and more and Belle's Greenhouse hopes to offer our shoppers a wide array of affordable plant options in the future for not just inside your house but outside as well!

    Our Story 
  • Shipping process

    Once your order is placed we take pride in picking the top quality choice form our inventory. Please be advised that all plants differ slightly in appearance and may not look exactly like the picture, but will be the exact variety and container size you have chosen.  

    If the size chosen is not up to our standards, we will choose a comparable size at no cost to you, or we will reach out to you.  

    All plants are handled with care and prepped for shipping once they are purchased.

    All plant and pottery materials will be shipped by calculated UPS shipping. 

    We only ship to the lower 48 states!

    Please allow 24 to 48 business hours to process your order.  We are open Mondays - Thursday and closed on all major holidays.  

    Orders placed on Thursday and Friday will not be shipped until the following Monday to avoid any delays or handling problems. Please be mindful of delays that may occur around major holidays where the post office will be closed. 

    Shipping process 
  • Curious how we pack our plants?🪴

    After picking the most gorgeous looking plants from our greenhouse, we treat them to a generous drink.

    Next step: we wrap the plants in a plastic sleeve and tie them up with twine to help maintain moisture levels during travel.

    Phase three: the plants are placed into a perfectly fitted pot-sized insert box. The top corners of the insert box are securely taped with scotch tape to prevent soil from spilling all over.

    Next, we place the insert box with the plant into a bigger, perfectly sized shipping box and, using double-sided tape, secure the inserted box inside the shipping box. This way, your plant will not move around, but securely stay in one position regardless of the angle and position the box is in.

    The upper side of the plant is gently wrapped with packing paper to prevent the leaves from any damage.

    Then, the box is securely sealed, featuring a "LIVE PLANTS, HANDLE WITH CARE" sticker and a sealed envelope with the necessary compliance paperwork attached to a box.

    Every package comes with complimentary PLANT STICKERS.

    All of our plants are already potted and come in plastic pots unless ordered in a ceramic planter. (We give our customers the option of selecting.)

    Our Policies