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Black Bat Flower - Tacca Chantrieri

Black Bat Flower - Tacca Chantrieri

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The black bat flower (Tacca chantrieri) is an exotic-looking, unusual plant that is somewhat difficult to grow but is rewarding for its unusual shape, texture, and color. True to its common name, the bat flower looks like a bat with its wing-shaped bracts and seed pods that look a bit like bat faces.  With ghostly bracts that look like wings, the bat flower is a unique addition to any home gardener's collection.

This plant is sometimes also referred to as tiger beard or cat's whiskers due to its long bracteoles that look like whiskers. The purple variety is a dark dusky color that ranges from maroon to purple but often looks black.  Bat flower will start to bloom after it has produced at least two leaves and may bloom up to 8 times in one season.  Bat flower likes to be planted in a wide, shallow pot with very rich and well-draining potting soil.


Prefers shady location.


Keep the soil moist and water consistently. Bat flowers should not be allowed to dry out for too long, but make sure the planting location has good drainage.

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