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Madagascar Ocatillo

Madagascar Ocatillo

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Madagascar Ocotillo (Alluaudia procera) is one unusual desert plant.

From far away, it has a strange shape with multiple stems that grow upwards, almost looking like a whimsical sea creature. From up close, you can see the long, thin stems covered with countless, tiny, fleshy green leaves and sharp white spines. Its rounded succulent leaves and grey spines create a captivating visual appeal.

The stems of the Madagascar ocotillo are covered in sharp thorns, which act as a defense mechanism against animals and help to conserve water.

When very mature, Madagascar Ocotillo can reach 20+ feet tall in our landscape (50+ feet tall in its native habitat), and grows a thick, main stem, resembling a tree.

The flowers are yellow, and bloom at the tip of the stems.


Full sun to part sun.


Occasional, deep watering. Allow the soil to completely dry out between waterings.

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