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ZZ Plant Black

ZZ Plant Black

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This easy-to-care-for plant has gained a reputation as the perfect plant for those who are beginners or who don't exactly have a green thumb.  With dramatic black-toned leaves, this plant is quite the stunner!

ZZ Plants are practically a household name in the houseplant world and are beloved for being super hardy and low-maintenance.  Like other ZZ plants, the raven ZZ plant is a hardy and low maintenance houseplant. It can survive in a range of lighting conditions and thanks to its thick rhizomes it is also drought-tolerant. 


ZZ Plant grows best in a well-lit space with medium to bright light and can adapt to low light or spaces without natural light as well.


Drought-tolerant and does not need to be watered frequently. In fact, overwatering this plant can lead to root rot which will quickly kill a ZZ plant. The best way to prevent overwatering is to allow the soil to dry out thoroughly between waterings

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