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Sanseveriera Boncellensis

Sanseveriera Boncellensis

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Sansevieria are known for being a GREAT house plant. The Starfish Sansevieria ‘Boncel’ plants are rare but worth searching for.  If you like succulents, you will love the starfish sansevieria. What’s a starfish sansevieria? Starfish sansevieria plants, as their name suggests, are starfish-shaped succulents.

It grows in a fan shape with its stiff leaves arising from a basal rosette. It has subcylindrical leaves, tubular rather than strap-like. It is drought tolerant, needing water only about once every other week.  


Can handle anything from low light to full sun but bright, indirect light is its favorite. 


Needs minimal water. Allow to dry out between waterings and be careful not to overwater.  

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