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Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus Haspan)

Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus Haspan)

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Papyrus plant is an easy-care house plant native to Tropical Africa. Once used by the ancient Egyptians to make paper, papyrus is now cultivated as an ornamental in tropical wetlands.It forms an attractive clump of stalks with a grassy top that's actually made up of flower bracts.The plant blooms during warm months with tiny, inconspicuous flowers.A nicely compact form of Egyptian Papyrus, about half the height of King Tut, but with the same large poms on the ends of the stems.  Fun and interesting, without being so overwhelmingly huge. 

The dwarf papyrus is a wonderfully versatile plant that can be grown in water or moist soil, inside of your home or out in your pond or garden! For optimal growth, they should be planted in loam or clay soil with a couple of inches of standing water. They are very low-maintenance and fairly easy to care for!

Light: These plants prefer full sun but will tolerate part shade, especially in the hottest climates.

Watering: This plant needs lots of moisture. Constant wet feet are preferable, and in dryer locations, you will need to water papyrus daily.


 non-toxic and safe for a home with cats and dogs.

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