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"String of Watermelon", Dischidia Ovata

"String of Watermelon", Dischidia Ovata

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The Watermelon Dischidia, or Dischidia Ovata, is a native of Southeast Asia that grows into long, green vines with dark-green, oval-shaped leaves that are marked with white stripes that evoke the rind of a watermelon.


These plants do well in a wide variety of light conditions, but seem to prefer filtered, bright indirect light. Place your plant directly in front of a window for best results.


This plant thrives in humid/moist settings. It loves regular moisture. For best results, after the top inch of soil has dried up, give your plant a good watering, allowing it to drain fully and wait for the soil to dry out before watering again.

Fun Fact:

These cascading vines look stunning when mounted high in a terrarium or hanging basket and allowed to float their way around.

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