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Fern - Crocodile (Crocodylus)

Fern - Crocodile (Crocodylus)

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Crocodile ferns (Microsorum musifolium) have leaves with a lot of personality and can be a favorite among fern lovers. The leaves of the ferns resemble the distinctive leathery appearance of crocodile skin which is how the plant got its name.

With plenty of water and bright, indirect sun, you can easily add these unusual ferns to your houseplant collection. If you live in zones 10 or 11, you can even try adding these ferns to your outdoor garden at any time during the year.

For such an exotic plant, crocodile ferns can be easy to care for, but remember to give them a little TLC along the way. Plenty of water and humidity will keep your fern happy. Just be sure that your soil and pot drain easily. Because crocodile ferns love humidity, they make great additions to bathrooms or kitchens. In addition, there aren’t many pests or diseases to worry about.

Light: Like most ferns, the crocodile species is naturally found growing under a canopy of trees. Because of this, your plant will like lighting that mimics the dappled, bright, indirect sunlight that they would receive on the forest floor. These plants still need sunlight; just be sure they aren’t getting direct sunlight, like in a window. Too much sunlight can burn the leaves.

Watering: Crocodile ferns love water. Water your plant thoroughly and consistently. When you notice the top of the soil getting dry, water until it drains out of the bottom of the pot. Continue to let the water drain out until it no longer drips to ensure your fern is not sitting in a soggy mess.

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