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Canna Lily 'Cleopatra'

Canna Lily 'Cleopatra'

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The canna lilies 'Cleopatra' is a very uniquely colored canna lily cultivar, presumably named for the Egyptian queen famed for her unconventional beauty. It is an 'unstable' canna hybrid, expressed in its unusual red and yellow coloring. It is quite pest free, although over time the Canna Leaf Roller can cause damage if not noticed.

Light: As a full sun plant canna lilies 'Cleopatra' needs sufficient sunlight during the growth period and requires 6-8 hours of sunlight in the summer. Insufficient sunlight will delay blooming. To extend blooming, place it in a cool place without direct sunlight.

Watering: Although canna lilies 'Cleopatra' likes wet soil, some varieties cannot withstand being waterlogged for long, because this can lead to root rot. Generally, watering is required once a week in areas where rainfall does not exceed 2.5 cm per week. The roots of newly planted canna lilies 'Cleopatra' have not yet developed and its ability to absorb water is poor, so less watering is required, but the soil should not be completely dry.

Keep the soil moist during vigorous growth and blooming, especially in hot, dry weather and fast evaporation of summer. At this time, lack of water will keep the flowers from emerging from the leaves. At ordinary times, water can be sprayed to leaf surfaces to keep high air humidity.

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