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Aglaonema Silver Bay

Aglaonema Silver Bay

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If you’re looking for a floor plant that tolerates neglect and has variegated foliage, Silver Bay Aglaonema is for you! This beautiful selection of Chinese Evergreen features silvery leaves marked with irregular dark green edges that feather out from the center of the leaf.  This elegant species is distinguished by its broad, elliptical leaves adorned with striking silver-gray patterns, making it a visually appealing and highly sought-after addition to interior spaces. The Silver Bay Plant's adaptability and air-purifying qualities have made it a favored choice among plant enthusiasts and interior decorators. 


This plant can get by with very little natural light. Bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate low light conditions as well.


This plant can go several weeks without water. Only water it when the soil dries out completely and be careful not to over-water.

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