April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

The average temperature in the Florida Panhandle in April is 67.5°F, with highs of 78°F and lows of 58°F. These mild and pleasant temperatures lend themselves to enjoying all the outdoor activities the Florida Panhandle has to offer; one of them, obviously the coolest one is gardening. We put together some of the gardening tips for the month of April. Hoping, they will come in handy! 


We like big bulbs and we cannot lie. 

The month of April is a perfect time to plant tender bulbs. Plant bulbs such as caladium, tuberous begonia, and canna directly in the garden in April. 


Monitor Rainfall

If you don’t have a rain gauge, add one to your garden in April. For optimum growth, most plants require about an inch of moisture a week. With a rain gauge, you can track rainfall and apply additional moisture as needed.


Add Birdhouses

If you haven’t done so already, set out birdhouses designed for songbirds such as bluebirds, wrens, purple martens, and flycatchers. Nesting songbirds will devour pesky insects that would otherwise feast on your garden. Select birdhouses designed with the appropriately sized entrance hole for the species you want to attract. Avoid birdhouses with perches; birds don’t use them, but predators do.


Move Houseplants

As soon as frost danger has passed, give your houseplants a vacation outdoors. Move them to a shady spot in your backyard where they are protected from high winds. Check them daily and gradually move sun-lovers such as succulents or hibiscus to a brighter location. Most houseplants respond quickly with a burst of new growth.


Don’t forget about the Tropicals 

Move overwintered tropicals outdoors when night temperatures remain above 50F. Tuck tropicals into a shady spot and fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer to jump-start growth. You can also remove the top inch or two of soil and add a layer of compost to boost growth.

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