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White Striped Agave Agave americana mediopicta 'Alba'

White Striped Agave Agave americana mediopicta 'Alba'

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The white-striped century plant is a medium size agave cultivar that grows 3-4 ft. high and as wide. It has highly attractive white and gray markings on its arching leaves. Flowers develop on mature plants in early to late summer and can take 1-2 months to bloom; plants die after flowering.

Light: It likes full sun or light shade with reflected heat, and is hardy to fifteen to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. 

Watering: The plant is drought-resistant and only needs occasional water. During the hot, dry summer, irrigate it every week or two. 

Pro Tip: When planting, give it plenty of room to grow. The plant is highly susceptible to white grub damage. Treat it twice a year with Dimethoate insecticide drench as a preventative measure.

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