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Variegated False Agave

Variegated False Agave

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Furcraea foetida 'Mediopicta' is a beautiful upright succulent with many features resembling an Agave, but don't be fooled!  It has long brightly variegated sword-like blades which will reach approximately 5 feet tall by 7 wide. And although the tips may be a bit pointy, there are no sharp cerrations on the edges.  False Agave makes a fantastic accent in a drought tolerant landscape.  Best used as s single specamin for a dramatic affect.  It takes a few years to the parent plant to bloom, but when it does, it's a spectacular 20 foot stalk with an off-white flower cluster.  Watering requirements and maintenance are both very low which makes it quite desirable for garden enthusiasts.

Thanks to its attractive appearance and unique flowers, it is also used widely as an ornamental plant and makes an attractive potted specimen in high light locations.

Light: This is a light-loving plant and should be planted in an area where it can get plenty of sunlight. When grown outdoors, choose a spot that gets full sun to light shade. If you are planting it indoors, make sure it’s near an east-facing or west-facing window.

Watering: The large root system in this plant makes it drought tolerant. Water it moderately during summers and the blooming season but after that, it requires only occasional watering. Be very careful not to overwater as it can be very damaging for the plant.

 *Decorative pot not included*

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