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Variegated Euphorbia

Variegated Euphorbia

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Euphorbia plants (Euphorbia spp.) also go by the easier to say, but less elegant, name of Spurge. They are a family of plants that may be grown as houseplants or occasionally outdoors.

Growing Euphorbias is easy and some are hardy in temperate climates. These are easy to start from seed and propagate from cuttings. 

Light: Euphorbia plants prefer a spot in full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days, though some species can tolerate part shade. In hot climates, some afternoon shade can be helpful for most species.

Watering: Water whenever the top couple inches of soil feels dry from spring to fall when the plant is actively growing. During the winter, reduce watering to only when the plant shows signs of wilt. 


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