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'Tropicanna' Canna Lily

'Tropicanna' Canna Lily

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Tropicanna Cannas are the most exotic of all cannas. They stand out from all the rest – and for good reason. The foliage is exotic and astonishing; the flowers are magnificent. They are plants that landscape professionals reach for when they need to create an impact. These plants take the hero position in mixed container plantings. Tropicanna Cannas thrive with no fuss, making them the favorite canna of home gardeners everywhere, and they are available in three amazing colors.

They have striped red, pink, yellow, gold, and green foliage with tangerine flowers produced over several months.

Where to plant them: Plant them as a tall border where the westering sun can shine through the foliage. Make them the focus and hero of large patio pots filled with super bright annuals. Liven up plantings near water features or boggy areas where these cannas will happily thrive. You can even grow them in large containers indoors near brightly lit windows.

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