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Mini plant box - "Color Pop", Tradescantia Nanouk (3 plants)

Mini plant box - "Color Pop", Tradescantia Nanouk (3 plants)

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One plant is adequate, two plants are superior, and three plants are exceptional!

Have you ever been plant shopping and thought to yourself, "My friend Zoe would love this plant!"As they say, sharing is caring. Therefore, we decided to create a "mini box" plant series.

Our 2" plants are meant for sharing with friends, family, and significant others!

This specific mini box we called "the Color Pop. It includes three counts of  Tradescantia Nanouk plants each in 2"mini pots.

Why Color Pop? 

This little beauty brings big color to your home or office thanks to its fantastically variegated foliage. Each mid-green leaf is striped with shades of cream and pink. The bottoms of the foliage are a contrasting magenta-purple color. An eye-catcher anywhere you grow it, Nanouk is ideal for bright desks and tabletops. With relatively low care needs and bright color, it's a perfect office mate for your work desk. Also consider hanging Nanouk so you can look at it from below to enjoy the colorful backsides of the leaves. 

Light: Nanouk Tradescantia does best in medium to bright indirect light. Unsure about how much light the place you're thinking about growing Nanouk has? As a guideline, in low light you can read a book or magazine without having to supplement it. In a medium light spot, the plant will cast a soft or light shadow. In bright light, the plant will have a strong shadow.

Watering: This plant has average water needs. It's best to water as the top inch or two of the potting mix dries to the touch. How much/often that is depends on growing conditions such as light, temperature, and pot size. Take care not to let Nanouk dry out. If it does, you'll find its fabulously variegated leaves develop dry, crispy edges. Likewise, ensure the potting mix doesn't stay wet, soggy, and saturated. If it does, the roots will die and rot. 

Tradescantia Nanouk is considered poisonous or toxic to kids, people, and pets.


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