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Asiatic Jasmine, ‘Snow-N-Summer’, Trachelospermum Asiaticum

Asiatic Jasmine, ‘Snow-N-Summer’, Trachelospermum Asiaticum

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Unlike jasmine shrubs and vines, Asiatic jasmine is a sprawling ground cover—it does not climb much, unlike its close cousin, star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)The dense evergreen foliage that grows close to the ground makes Asiatic jasmine an ideal cover for bare spots around and underneath shrubs and trees, or for cascading down a wall. That it is also fast-growing adds to its appeal as a ground cover. The only caveat is that Asiatic jasmine is an introduced plant, and because it spreads so vigorously and aggressively, it has the potential to become invasive.While the original species has small, star-shaped flowers in the spring and summer, not all varieties have fragrant flowers but are instead grown for their stunning foliage. 

In the American South, you don’t need to look far to find Asiatic jasmine, for good reasons. It requires little maintenance other than an annual pruning. It is drought-tolerant, has no serious pests or diseases, and is salt-tolerant. If you live in a hot climate, plant Asiatic jasmine in the fall; in moderately warm climates, you can also plant it in the spring. Planting density depends on your timeline and budget. When planted on 10-inch centers, you’ll have a thick carpet within a year; on 18-inch centers, you might have to wait another year for the plants to fill in. Either way, when grown in suitable conditions, Asiatic jasmine should fill a spot within about two years after planting.

Light: Asiatic jasmine can be grown in full sun and partial shade. In southern or western exposures with hot midday or afternoon sun, it does best in partial shade.

Watering: Until newly planted Asiatic jasmine are established, the soil needs to be kept consistently moist so they can grow strong roots. Water every three or four days for the first month, and about once a week for another couple of months.

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