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Thai Constellation Monstera

Thai Constellation Monstera

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Please note: This is a fully mature, potted Monstera Thai constellation.

You will receive the plant as shown in the photo, or similar. Once ordered, we will email you photos of the plant you will be receiving and the way it was packed and secured. We highly recommend choosing UPS Next Day Air shipping service to eliminate as much stress to the plant as possible!

Our regular return policy cannot be applied to this plant to prevent people from taking cuttings of it and then returning them.

Light: Thai Constellation prefer to be positioned in bright indirect light for best growth and require this to thrive. Unlike normal Monstera Deliciosa plants, the variegation on the Thai Constellation leaves can’t absorb light meaning the plant needs to work harder to photosynthesize so low light conditions aren’t recommended.

A sign your Thai Constellation is not getting enough light is slow growth, leaf discolouration or mature leaves growing without splits. Moving your plant to a spot where it will receive brighter light will help keep it happy and healthy. You should keep your Thai Constellation out of direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the leaves.

If your plant is housed in a spot where it receives direct sunlight, adding a blind or curtain to your window will help to defuse the harsh sunlight to avoid burning the plants foliage. Alternatively, if you can’t seem to find that perfect spot in your home, you can always use grow lights.

Just like direct sunlight, if your plant is sitting too close to the grow lights, they will burn the foliage. Keeping a safe distance of at least 60cm between your plant and the light will avoid any trouble.

Humidity: Maintaining a medium to high humidity (above 60%) will assist in keeping your Thai Constellation happy and healthy. Being primarily raised in a laboratory and closed environment they are use to high levels of humidity, especially as young plants.

If your Monstera is housed in a spot with a humidity level consistently outside of this range it can lead to health issues and damaged leaves. A sign that the air is too dry for your Thai Constellation is browning tips and edges on the foliage.

Providing a high humidity for your plants will encourage bigger and healthier growth. There are a few thing you can do that can help bump up the humidity in your home. The things you can try are:

  • Misting your plants 
  • Pebble trays
  • Grouping plants together 
  • Humidifier

Watering: You can expect your Thai Constellation to require water at least once a week. This will change during the cooler months when the temperature and amount of sunlight changes. Before watering, check the top 2 inches of soil with your finger to feel if the soil is still moist. Monstera Thai Constellation like to be in a well draining soil that is rich in organic matter. They like to be kept in a moist but not soggy soil. To achieve a well draining soil, you can add orchid bark, perlite and peat moss to a potting soil to help create drainage and aeration.

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