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Syngonium Pink Allusion

Syngonium Pink Allusion

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Syngonium “pink allusion” is a tropical vine with dramatic arrow-shaped leaves. Even more dramatic are their variety in color and pattern, with this particular kind featuring bright pink veins against a lighter green leaf. It is a sought after plant many horticultural enthusiasts would like to add to their collection. They are a beautiful plant that is also relatively easy to take care of, making this a good plant for beginners and hobbyists alike to grow and enjoy.  We will go through how to propagate and care for your  Syngonium “Pink Allusion” as well as how to tell them apart from similar varieties. 

Light: Plants in the Syngonium genus are tropical, vining plants which are used to receiving dappled light throughout the day, never receiving direct sunlight. For the best results in maintaining the sought-after variegation in your plant you will want to give your plant bright, indirect light. For instance, if you have a bright, south facing window your “pink allusion” would appreciate being a few feet away from the window towards the interior of the room. This gives your plant bright light without having direct exposure to the sun’s powerful rays. Your plant can tolerate low-light to shade conditions but this will affect your plant’s variegation pattern and you may have new growth revert back to a more plain state of appearance.

Watering: Water your plant regularly throughout the growing season when the top inch or two of your soil is dry. Make sure you are watering enough to where water is running out of the drainage hole. Allow your plant to drip dry before placing it back in a decorative pot or saucer to avoid keeping your plant in contact with standing water. During the winter your plant will not need frequent watering and can wait until about 50% of the soil is dry before needing a good soak. This plant is used to humid environments, so the more tropical you can make its atmosphere the happier it will be, and the better it will look. 

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