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String of Tears

String of Tears

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The String of Tears (Senecio herreianus or Curio herreianus) is an interesting succulent plant hailing from Namibia in South Africa. This member of the Asteraceae family is a tender perennial succulent desired for its creeping stems and attractive, tear-shaped foliage. The plant’s genus name, Senecio (sen-NEESH-shee-oh) is Latin and means “old man”. This is a reference to the hairy aspects of the blooms. 

Light: The String of Teardrops does best in partial shade or indirect bright light rather than in the full direct sunlight. As a houseplant, it does well in an east-facing or west-facing sunny window.If you’re growing the plant outdoors, you should bring it in before the cold months of winter. 

Watering: All plants of this type are adapted to live in fairly arid environments. They are able to store water in their stems and leaves for long periods of time. Water as you would any trailing succulent or cacti sedum. Wait until the soil is almost entirely dry and then water very deeply. Allow water to run through the soil and out of the drainage hole of the container. Fertilize these succulents once a year during the summer. Use a weak solution of a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer.

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