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String of Frogs

String of Frogs

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The string of frogs is an evergreen climbing plant, aptly named after its broad leaves that resemble the shape of a frog. Despite its unoriginal name, it is a beautiful plant gaining some spotlight over the past few years. Being a plant with low care requirements, the string of frogs has been popular among gardeners who want to keep creepers and climbers. The string of frogs is a low-maintenance plant that grows rapidly. This is why it is a perfect indoor plant candidate for beginner growers. This plant is an excellent choice for keeping in hanging pots and containers, inside or outside your home.

Light: The string of frogs seeks partial indirect sunlight to grow. Unfortunately, being an evergreen plant, it doesn’t do well in direct sunlight conditions. Placing it where it can get good morning and evening sunlight will encourage its healthy growth.

Watering: Watering regularly once a week is ideal during the growing season, which helps to fulfill its watering requirements. You can cut back your watering during the winter since the plant stays dormant, and over-watering can only stress out the plant. Watering once every 2-3 weeks is enough during the winter times.

The plant does not come with the decorative planter shown on the photo, but can be purchased separately. 

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