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Stapelia Grandiflora (Carrion Flower Stapelia)

Stapelia Grandiflora (Carrion Flower Stapelia)

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The Stapelia Grandiflora is a succulent plant found, also known as Starfish cacti or carrion flower. Stapelias are low, perennial succulents that come in red, green, or purple colors. They are easily recognizable based on their stems, surface, and branching. The group of succulents related to Stapelias trace their origin in southern Africa in the milkweed family of Asclepiadaceae and not cactus. It is one of the largest flowers in the plant world in which flowers in fall with the flower buds triggered by shortened daylight hours.

These plants share similar characteristics as those from the carnivorous family in the sense that they possess insect attracting flora. However, they are not carnivorous and tend to stink when compared to carnivorous plants. While it is not exactly cactus but a member of the succulent group of plants, the starfish cactus are soft-stemmed plants that are thickly skinned without spines.


Light: The Stapelia thrives in partial to full sun, with morning sunlight seemed to be the best compared to the harsh midday rays. Insufficient light can affect plant growth as they rely on more light to grow and make food.


Watering: This plant requires careful watering with some fertilizers to sustain their growth and ensure they reach maturity. Ensure you provide the right concentration of fertilizer and nutrients when propagating to help it grow into a mature plant.  

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