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Silver Squill

Silver Squill

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A small yet tough and hardy species, the silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) hails from the dry savannas of South Africa. This perennial is known for being a colorful and eye-catching houseplant. It has silvery leaves with green leopard spots, as well as unique teardrop-shaped bulbs that form above the ground. The silver squill also has the ability to store moisture in its purple, bulb-like stems during times of drought.

Light: Indirect sun

Watering: Once they're established, the silver squill requires minimal watering--they are considered to be drought - tolerantmuch like succulents. Be sure to allow the top inch of the soil or potting medium to dry out before watering in the warmer months. The plant will be in its rest phase in the winter months, so you should water half as often.

Hardiness Zones: 10-11

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