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Shrimp Plant, Justicia Brandegeana

Shrimp Plant, Justicia Brandegeana

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This plant features a shrimp-colored flower bract (extra leaf) that hangs from the stem tips. In their native environment, these plants grow up to six feet tall and have fairly brittle stems. Indoor growers are more likely to trim this plant to keep it a manageable size and thus reduce its tendency to snap.

Light: Provide bright indoor light, but not full midday sun. They are perfect for atriums or other areas that are flooded with bright, natural light.

Watering: They need plenty of water in the summer months. They should never be allowed to dry out. Dry plants are more prone to leaf drop. In the winter months, assuming you plan to keep it that long, cut the water back and do not let the temperatures get below 55 F.

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