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Shrimp Plant Fruit Cocktail

Shrimp Plant Fruit Cocktail

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A charming addition for any sunny to partly sunny exposure, its golden lime-colored bracts, accented by bright red flowers, crown this upright grower in a never-ending display. Makes a nice potted container for the summer garden.  This Shrimp Plant is both easy to take care of and beautiful to look at. It’s nearly always topped with bright, golden lime-colored bracts with small, bright red tufts of petals. This upright grower excels as a house plant or a patio plant and is a favorite of all pollinators.

Fruit Cocktail Shrimp Plants like moderately moist soil and are tolerant of both full sun and partial sun.  The bloom cycle is long, beginning in the early spring and lasting until early winter in warm climates. 

Outdoor Light: Full sun, Part shade, Part sun, Filtered shade, Light shade

Indoor Light: Direct sunlight to High light if overwintering indoors


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