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Shi Shi Gashira Camellia

Shi Shi Gashira Camellia

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Camellias are stunning plants that are normally grown outdoors, but you can grow camellias indoors if you can give them the proper conditions.

Gardeners love the beautiful flowers and long blooming season of this shrub. Dark-pink flowers 2-3 inches across are produced in abundance from October to early January. The colorful display at a time of the year when few trees and shrubs are blooming make this plant an outstanding addition to landscapes where color is desired – and color is always desired.
The compact growth habit and slow rate of growth make ShiShi Gashira an excellent choice for smaller gardens, foundation plantings, containers and basically anywhere a smaller shrub is appropriate.

LightShiShi Gashira grows best in part sun or part shade. Choose a location that receives four to six hours of direct sun in the morning and some shade in the afternoon, or find a spot that receives bright, dappled shade throughout the day.

Watering: These shrubs need adequate water, especially during hot, dry spells during the summer.

Be aware that the talavera planter does not come with the plant, but can be purchased separately!

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