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Schismatoglottis 'Thailand'

Schismatoglottis 'Thailand'

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Schismatoglottis is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Araceae, or Aroid plant family. The majority of this species are native to the Island of Borneo, but many can be found in the tropical parts of Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Melanesia. There are many different species of Schismatoglottis available in cultivation, but Thailand takes the cake because of its silvery, splatter-like variegation.

Light:  Schismatoglottis will thrive in bright, indirect light. Direct sun will cause sun leaf burn. 

Watering: Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Your plant will droop like a peace lily when watering is requirred. As always, never let your plant sit in standing water as this will lead to root rot. Schismatoglottis appreciates humidity. Mist weekly with a continuous spray bottle to keep your plant nice and happy. This slow growing plant will need to be repotted eventually. 

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