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Sansevieria Mikado, Sansevieria Fernwood

Sansevieria Mikado, Sansevieria Fernwood

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Sansevieria Fernwood is an evergreen, relatively hardy, and perennial succulent snake plant that belongs to the family Asparagaceae. 

It has a unique stem with tiger stripes patterns with colors ranging between dark green, light green, yellow, and white. It has multiple benefits, such as air-purifying capabilities and an ornamental look which makes it a great addition to your house plant collection. Even today, some cultures consider the Fernwood Snake Plant as a good luck charm. Keeping this plant at home is seen as a way of ensuring peace and prosperity.

Light: The Sansevieria Fernwood is an extremely versatile plant that adjusts to a wide variety of growing conditions. It grows well in any amount of light, from bright sunlight to dim artificial light. However, we suggest that you allow your plant to soak up as much sunlight as possible to keep it happy.


Watering: These plants grow in hot and dry conditions in the wild, and they have adapted to survive without a large amount of water. For this reason, you don’t need to invest a lot of time watering your Fernwood Snake Plant. Once a week should be more than enough for these rough and tough mikados. If you plan to keep the snake plant indoors as a houseplant, we suggest that you place it near a window that receives lots of sunlight. You can also supplement the light levels using artificial lights if needed. Remember that more light means faster growth. In fact, light stimulates flower growth in fernwood plants.

A good sign that the plant needs water is ‘dry’ soil. If you feel that the soil is even slightly moist, do not water the plant. In fact, overwatering can even be fatal to this plant. Hence, lay off the water supply, especially in winters when the plant needs no water to stay healthy.

When watering a Snake Plant, be careful not to douse the leaves. Aim the watering can at the soil instead to thoroughly moisten it after it has dried up considerably. If you pour a lot of water on the leaves instead you risk ruining their beautiful appearance because excess water can make the leaves rot.

*Decorative pot not included* 

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