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Royal Red African milk tree

Royal Red African milk tree

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African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona) is native to Central Africa. It is often grown as a hedge due to its rapid and enthusiastic growth. The Rubra or Royal Red cultivar is popular for its dramatic color, taking on bright red accents late in the season.

Like a cactus, African milk tree lives a long life and grows vigorously—approximately 1 to 2 feet a year up to 9 feet tall. But when grown indoors, this plant will only grow to about half of its maximum height. Only North American gardeners in states with arid climates—where the temperatures at night stay above 50 F (parts of Texas, California, Florida, and Arizona)—can grow African milk tree outdoors. For these lucky few, the plant provides a dramatic landscape addition not often seen in gardens throughout the United States.

Light: African milk tree likes bright, indirect sunlight. A southern-facing window works well for indoor growing, as does an outdoor spot that receives partial sun. An area that receives full sun is suitable, as long as the summers are not consistently hot. In this instance, extra watering may be needed to offset the hot, bright sunlight.

Watering: African milk tree doesn't need much water. Consider supplemental watering only if you're experiencing bad drought conditions. Otherwise, your region's normal rainfall should be sufficient. Indoor plants should be watered moderately once a week, but make sure to let the soil dry out between each watering to mimic its natural habitat.

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