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Rhipsalis clavata, (Rhipsalis clavata)

Rhipsalis clavata, (Rhipsalis clavata)

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A Rhipsalis cactus can be found in almost every household. In terms of appearance, they are not typical cacti. The growth is usually hanging or overhanging and you usually look for spines in vain. Rhipsalis also do not hibernate. However, they are as easy to care for as most cacti. 

Light: Rhipsalis  is a heliophilic plant and needs sufficient sunlight for its growth and blooming. It can be placed on the outdoor balcony or in the garden without shade. However, long-time exposure to blazing sunlight should be avoided in hot summer, when it needs to be shaded or cooled a little to prevent high temperatures from damaging it.

Watering: Sausage-chain cactus is a drought-tolerant plant that does not require frequent watering. Water thoroughly when the soil is completely dry. When potted, water slowly, wait for water to flow out the bottom, and then pour the excess water from the tray to avoid water accumulation.
Spring, summer, and fall are its growing seasons. Water once or twice a week to keep the soil slightly wet. In winter, water less; just keep the soil from drying excessively; usually once a week. Besides, water with rainwater or distilled water rather than tap water.
Pro tip: Tap water contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, and other mineral salts. Long-term use tends to cause soil compaction. Avoid splashing water on its stem when watering to prevent rotting.
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