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Red Princess philodendron

Red Princess philodendron

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The Red Princess philodendron is a great started plant for houseplant beginners due to the ease of care. Red Princess philodendrons are beautiful hybrid plants with large, slightly arched and full leaves that stand out in every room making them great plants for the home, office or cool garden. The Red Princess philodendron is an evergreen vine that thrives in partial shade at moderate temperatures. While blooms on this fast-growing climber may appear at any time during the year, most plants in confinement never bloom.

Light: Red Princess philodendron flourish best in bright filtered or indirect light. However, the Red Princess philodendron is an excellent houseplant that is able to thrive in the partial shade of the indoors.

Watering: The Red Princess philodendron is commonly a tropical plant, which enjoys a moist environment. The soil surrounding the Red Princess philodendron must be kept moist but without over-saturating or drying out. Water the plant freely during the growing season; spraying or wiping the leaves often with a damp cloth. During the summer, mist the Red Princess philodendron leaves twice daily but water sparingly during the winter.

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