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Pygmy Date Palm, Phoenix Roebelenii

Pygmy Date Palm, Phoenix Roebelenii

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Pygmy Date Palm will give any sun-splashed room a breezy vacay vibe. It's easy to live with, too. This tropical native likes the same warm temps and sunlight we do. Get to know your dwarf palm and you'll help it to thrive indoors for years to come. This easy-care palm is a dwarf plant reaching several feet tall after several years. Give it some space, though. Although slow-growing, this indoor palm will eventually spread to about 4 ft wide. Its long, arching fronds feature slender, delicate-looking leaflets. Unlike other date palms, this one has soft leaflets giving it a feathery, elegant look.

Light: Bright indirect light. Strong morning light from an East-facing window will give your palm the light it needs. Give the plant a quarter turn every week to expose all sides to sunlight.

Water: Pygmy Date Palm doesn't require a lot of attention, but be careful not to overwater it. Poor drainage and soggy soil can cause root rot. It is best to use a pot with a drainage hole. Water thoroughly to be sure that all the roots are moistened, allowing excess water to drain out of the pot. Aim to keep soil moist spring through summer and barely moist in fall and winter.

Like most palms, the Pygmy Date Palm is an excellent clean air plant.

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