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The Purple Queen - Transcendia Pallida

The Purple Queen - Transcendia Pallida

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The purple heart plant (Tradescantia pallida)—also commonly called purple secretia or purple queen—is a fast-growing member of the spiderwort family, with dark purple leaves and long purple stems. The plants produce small pink and purple flowers, though the leaves are more attention-grabbing than the blooms.

Purple heart is a versatile plant. It works well as ground cover to add a pop of foliage color and flower color to your landscaping, or as a trailing border around rock gardens and other enclosed garden spaces. It will also thrive as a container plant on the patio, or in a hanging basket indoors or outside. 

Light:  Plant purple hearts in a location with full sun to encourage bright purple foliage. The plant will also grow in partial shade, but without as much light it will appear greener with only touches of purple. Whether growing the purple heart indoors or outdoors as a container plant, choose a pot with drainage holes and use all-purpose potting soil.

Watering: Water your purple hearts regularly after planting them to encourage a well-established root system. The purple heart plant is relatively drought-tolerant, but you should water whenever the ground becomes dry or during periods of prolonged heat. If your purple heart is growing indoors, ensure the soil remains moist.

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