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Pothos 'Pearls N'Joy'

Pothos 'Pearls N'Joy'

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This climbing evergreen perennial has variegated grey-green leaves covered in cream, gray, and white streaks. It resembles its cousin, the satin pothos.

The plant originated in the Solomon Islands. ‘Pearls and Jade’ itself originated at the University of Florida.

‘Pearls and Jade’ pothos is not only a beautiful plant, it’s an avid climber. The average length of 6′ to 10’ feet and the potential for up to 30’ feet in the right conditions.

When not supported by its aerial roots, this plant can serve as a trailing vine. This makes it perfect for hanging baskets.

This particular variety grows slower than most pothos. Slow growth may or may not be preferable. But, it makes up for slow growth with wonderful variegation and relatively long life.

Light: Due to its nature as a climber, ‘Pearls and Jade’ prefers low light conditions.Bright indirect light is ideal, with partial shade or even fluorescent lighting.

Watering: Caution should always be taken not to overwater a pothos plant, as root rot is one of the biggest killers.Allow the soil to dry 1 to 2” inches down between waterings. You will normally need to water the plant every 1 to 2 weeks.Due to its tropical heritage, these plants enjoy higher humidity or the occasional misting. Make adjustments to the watering routine when providing extra moisture.


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