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Philodendron Silver Sword, Philodendron Hastatum

Philodendron Silver Sword, Philodendron Hastatum

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The serene silvery hue is contrasted beautifully by its sharp lance-shaped leaves. Like a vine of interlocking blades, Philodendron hastatum feels like something right of a fantasy novel. The elegant foliage of this plant makes it a wonderful statement piece in the home and in terrariums alike.

Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this tropical species is actually on an endangered species list because of habitat destruction – so getting this plant for your home really is an act of service in some ways…

Philodendron hastatum is a vine in the popular Aroid family, which means it comes with all the usual advantages of simple care, easy propagation and multiple ways to grow it.Whether you want an elegant trailing plant or a huge-leafed climber – you can have it all.

Light: In its native jungles of Brazil, this tropical vine enjoys moderate to bright indirect light as it weaves around under the rainforest canopy. In the home, we can best recreate this environment with a North or East-facing window, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere. Just try to avoid direct sunlight where possible as it can fade (or even scorch) the beautiful foliage.Thankfully, it’s very easy to avoid as this Philodendron handles everything down to lower light conditions pretty well. You should be totally fine positioning this plant a little farther from a light source into a room.

Watering: As you might expect from an epiphytic tropical vine, the Philodendron hastatum has evolved to thrive in moisture. 

Regular watering is welcome so long as its roots are aerated and not sitting/suffocating in water.

Using a pot with a drainage hole is the easiest way to prevent this from happening. Simply water until you see the excess water drain out the bottom and then you’re done!

That being said, the Silver Sword is one of the few Philodendron that can withstand the occasional overwatering. Which is part of what makes this species such a good candidate for terrarium life. Finding the right water balance in a terrarium is one of the bigger challenges of terrarium care, but the forgiving nature of this plant means it’ll still thrive even if you overdo it a little.

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