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Philodendron “Imperial Red”

Philodendron “Imperial Red”

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The Philodendron Imperial Red is a decorative foliage plant with large leathery leaves that go from a dark red to rich burgundy. When mature, these leaves turn into deep purples that eventually morph into dark glossy green. 

This unusual plant is a relatively new hybrid, bred specifically to be a robust houseplant, so you should have no trouble keeping it in shape if you follow the correct care instructions.

Make sure the plant is away from direct sunlight and draughts, but it’s still in a well lit and warm room, ideally between 18 and 27°C

Keep it lightly moist, but not drenched, let the top layer of soil dry between waterings. Mist it often to give the extra humidity it needs and dust the leaves with a clean cloth. 

The Imperial Red is happy being root bound so it would only need to be repotted every 2 to 3 years, during the growing season, when the plant becomes top-heavy. Use an organic pot mix and you will only need to fertilise it once or twice in the warmer months. 

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