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Philodendron Hastatum 'Silver Sword'

Philodendron Hastatum 'Silver Sword'

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Commonly known as Philodendron Silver Sword, this is a stunning plant that is both easy to grow and propagate in the home. If you are obsessed with the aroid plant family, this plant is a must-have for your collection.

The silvery leaves are absolutely beautiful. Keep reading to find out more about caring for and propagating this beauty, and I also answer some commonly asked questions.

Philodendron hastatum is the accepted species name for Silver Sword Philodendron. It is native to southeast Brazil and is considered endangered in its native habitat.

Light: Like many aroids, these plants are vining and grow up trees in their native habitat, and will mostly receive indirect light to dappled sun. However, what does this mean inside of a home?Indoors, there is much less light than we think, and you can safely give your Silver Sword some direct sun. I wouldn’t recommend sun all day though. An Eastern facing window would be a wonderful spot for your plant. A Western facing window (afternoon sun) would also be good.

Watering: Philodendrons are pretty forgiving when it comes to watering, but please keep in mind that you should always water thoroughly.You can safely allow the top quarter to top half of the entire pot to go dry before watering again. Never let your Silver Sword sit in water for extended periods of time so be sure to discard any excess water in your plant’s saucer or decorative pot in order to avoid root rot.

Almost every part of the plant contains calcium oxalate crystals which form needle-like structures that may be toxic to both humans and animals.

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