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Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron Florida Ghost

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Philodendron Florida Ghost is an outstanding indoor plant in high demand with plant aficionados because of its spectacular foliage. Its unique leaves start out white before turning a deep green after maturing, resulting in a beautiful combination of different shades all on the same plant. With minimal care, this tropical beauty will thrive for years in your home.

Light: In the tropical rainforests where philodendrons grow wild, they are found in the understory of the canopy formed by large trees. Thus, they are used to dappled sunlight or partial shade. These Florida Ghost plant light needs can be easily met by putting your Philodendron Florida Ghost in a north or east-facing window. In a sunnier south or west-facing room, place it further away from the windows to keep it out of direct sunlight. Full sun can damage or even kill the foliage of a Philodendron Florida Ghost plant.

Watering: In their native rainforests philodendrons are accustomed to porous soil that drains quickly, and remains on the dry side. Their watering needs are for infrequent watering that does not keep the soil saturated. Philodendron Florida Ghost watering should be done when at least the top half of the soil is dry. An easy way to determine if it’s time to water Florida Ghost plant is by sticking your finger down at least halfway in the soil. For a larger capacity pot you can use a soil moisture meter. A pot with dry soil will also be much lighter than one with lots of water.

Like all members of the araceae family, all parts of the Florida Ghost plant contain calcium oxalate crystals which are toxic to humans and animals.

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