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Ming Fern

Ming Fern

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The Ming fern (Asparagus retrofractus) routinely appears in bouquets of cut flowers, but it’s also a delicate and beautifully bushy addition to the home as a houseplant. Not only can this bushy plant grow six feet tall when grown in the wild, but it can also exist quite happily in a small pot as a bonsai.

Like most ferns and fern-like plants, the Ming fern does need a little tender loving care to grow happily in your home. However, it does respond well once you get the placement and watering schedule just right.

Light: The Ming fern can tolerate a fair amount of sunlight, but you shouldn’t place it somewhere that it will receive full sunlight all day long. You may place it right next to a bright window, just out of the direct sunlight, or choose a window that only gets a brief amount of direct sunlight each day.Ming ferns do better when they get bright light rather than dim light, so always opt for a brighter spot in your home when you place your Ming fern. You might want to gently acclimatize your Ming fern to a bright place in your home if you bought it at a garden center where it was grown in a low-sun area.

Ming ferns don’t need an overwhelming amount of water, but they do like frequent misting and regular watering at the soil level. When you mist the fern, make sure that the mist reaches the stems at the center of the plant rather than just the exterior bunches.

Overwatering is a concern for Ming plant owners, but so is underwatering. You may need to adjust your watering frequency throughout the year.

Don’t let the soil get too dry, but make sure it doesn’t remain soggy for too long. In most cases, watering the fern each week is sufficient, but you may need to water it more frequently if you live in a very dry area.

Macrame planter does not come with the plant, but can be purchased separately. The plant arrives in plastic growers pot.

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