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Maranta leuconeura - Green Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura - Green Prayer Plant

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Maranta leuconeura - Green Prayer Plant is a fast growing, clumping prayer plant that tolerates low light conditions.  This plant thrives in humid, moist environments. 

Kerchoviana is one of the mainstay houseplants available since at least the 70s when everyone wanted to have a " prayer plant," so called because the leaves fold up at night and pray for you, a trait it shares with its cousins, the Calatheas. It is also called "rabbit tracks" for the cute, paired, darker colored spots marking the soft, oval, sage green foliage, as if a bunny just hopped over the length of the leaves. Easy going and not fussy about lighting needs, this guy can go anywhere in the house. 

Light: Bright Indirect to Low Light 

Watering: High, Soil should be well draining and kept moist.  Do not allow to sit in water or completely dry out

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