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Maranta Leuconeura

Maranta Leuconeura

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One of the most interesting houseplants out there is the prayer plant. The plant’s leaves have a similar structure in comparison to those of a rubber plant, but their coloration is striking and stark. When it comes to indoor plants, prayer plants are sure to accent any area. 

While the prayer plant may be slightly more difficult to care for than pothos or philodendron, it’s prayer plant care isn’t difficult. Careful attention to what your plant needs and how it lives in the wild will guide you. With the right knowledge and action you’ll help your prayer plants thrive. 

Light: Direct sun or too much sun scorches the leaves of the prayer plant and may kill it. These plants prefer 6 to 8 hours of bright indirect light during the day. They’re tolerant of low light areas, as long as there is good air flow. Keep your plant out of direct sunlight near a window that receives bright light, or in an area of your garden that gets indirect sunlight. Low light conditions won’t hurt them, but these slow growers may do better where they receive enough light to have significant growth.

Watering: Prayer plants do not like to be dry, and prefer moist soil all of the time. That means you’ll likely have a watering routine that includes frequent watering in brighter light. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering. Water at the soil surface, but never let the plant’s roots get soggy. When you water prayer plant, use room temperature water. In the winter, reduce watering as your prayer plant goes dormant. You may have heard that some houseplants are picky and preferred filtered or distilled water. This is one of those plants. They also need high humidity at 50% to 60%. To maintain this high humidity, keep a humidifier nearby or mist your plant with a spray bottle filled with distilled water lightly daily. 


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