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Mammillaria Bombycina, Silken Pincushion Cactus

Mammillaria Bombycina, Silken Pincushion Cactus

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Mammillaria Bombycina is a tiny cactus which would live on any shelf. They produce offshoots which would arise from the base of the plant, and they would usually tend to form in cactus clusters.

It would be a little breezy when it comes to taking care of these cacti, particularly if you are a fresher in cactus gardening.

These cacti have adjusted to grow vigorously despite the harsh conditions they would face. In case if you are caring for them too much, chances are that it could be fatal on the plant as well.

Light: Mammillaria Bombycina would prefer to grow under lots of sunlight. As such you need to make sure that you are providing them plenty of sunlight so that they can grow smoothly.

Watering: Just like with the rest of other succulents and with cacti, refrain from applying too much water for them. When you water, you should ideally wait until the top surface of the soil becomes dry.

Mammillaria Bombycina would survive on minimum water. However, after you complete watering them, ensure that excess water would be draining through the draining holes without getting retained in the pot. It is very crucial that you have enough draining holes for this purpose. When it comes to watering the Silken pincushion cactus during the winter season, you need to skip watering them at all.

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