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Hoya Retusa

Hoya Retusa

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This popular little oddity hails from the stranger side of the Hoya spectrum. It features slim, flat, stick-like green foliage splaying out from the soil. The end of each leaf looks as if it were chopped off.

The Hoya retusa produces a scattered crop of chubby, white flowers with maroon pop-out centers … but it can be a challenge to bloom. These are cool-weather plants that need lower night temperatures to trigger flowering.

This unusual variety diversifies your collection and gives you a chance to experience less common forms of Hoya. Hoya retusa may not seem appealing at first glance, but their charm and character can grow on you. It’s an in-person plant.

Caring for Hoya: These tropical vining plants have a few requirements in order to thrive but nothing too hard. Give them bright, indirect light, humidity and a light touch when it comes to watering. Use a potting mix that allows for good air circulation around the roots. 

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