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Hoya Pubicalyx

Hoya Pubicalyx

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One of Hoya's charms is that inexpensive, common varieties can be as gorgeous and interesting as rare, expensive ones. Such is the case with Hoya pubicalyx, an easy-to-grow Hoya that blooms in clusters of up to 30 small, fuzzy flowers. Its crisp, ovoid leaves splay out from vines that grow up to eight feet long. The fragrant flowers last up to 14 days. Pubicalyx is a hardy twining vine that can trail or climb, but it’s a little unruly: you may spend time unwinding the plant from its neighbors. 

LightThough often described as low-light plants, most Hoyas actually like a lot of indirect light 

Watering: Let excess water run through the soil at watering time. This fully saturates the soil and helps flush out residual fertilizer and other contaminants.


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