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Hoya Macrophylla

Hoya Macrophylla

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The Hoya Macrophylla isn’t the easiest to find Hoya, but it should be high on your list of harder-to-find hoyas to add to your collection. It’s the perfect foray into less-common hoya plants, and don’t worry—Hoya Macrophylla care is easy!

This succulent-like vine is sturdy, long-living, low-maintenance, and can even bloom the famous hoya star-shaped flowers. It is the perfect vine for plant lovers of any expertise level because of how forgiving it is and how quickly it brightens up a room.

The Hoya Macrophylla originates from Australasia, a region that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and a few other islands. (The term Australasia was used to describe any land that existed south of Asia).

Hoya Macrophylla produces clusters of small, pink and white flowers in late spring or early summer.During the day, the flowers are odorless. At night the flowers fill the air with fragrance when natural pollinators come out.

Light: Provide Macrophylla with plenty of bright indirect light during the growing season.Avoid direct sunlight with Hoya Macrophylla. Place Macrophylla a couple of feet from an east-facing window, where it can receive short periods of direct and indirect sunlight. Indirect lighting makes them great as a hanging basket or potted specimen near windows with plenty of bright light.

Watering: Hoya Macrophylla grows naturally in hot and arid climates with infrequent rains. The plant does best when it can dry out completely before enjoying a good soak.A great way to properly water Hoya Macrophylla is by ensuring the soil is completely dry. Stick your finger about an inch into the top of the soil and check for dryness. Do the same with the bottom of the plant, through the drainage holes.

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