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Hoya kerrii 'Variegata' (Sweetheart Hoya)

Hoya kerrii 'Variegata' (Sweetheart Hoya)

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At Belle's Greenhouse, we only carry Hoya Kerri vines! The plant you will receive will be as shown on the picture, with a slight difference since no two plants are the same! We do not sell single-leaf Hoyas.

This variegated version of Hoya kerrii is a stunning addition to a Hoya collection. The bright creamy variegation pops on the thick, succulent leaves. While this plant is known to be a slow grower, it is sure to make a statement. 

The plant's leaf shape is called "obcordate" because the leaves connect to the petiole at the smaller, tapered end of the heart. (A Heartleaf Philodendron's leaves are "cordate" because the petiole connects between the lobes of the heart.)

Light Similar to succulents, these heart-shaped hoyas require lots of light in order to grow and thrive indoors. Choose a location for your hoya kerrii that receives several hours of bright, direct sunlight every day. A west- or south-facing window is ideal. If you are lacking in the natural light department, adding a grow light to your setup may be a good idea. A full-spectrum LED grow light is a great choice for hoyas.

WateringAllow the soil to dry thoroughly between waterings. Hoya kerrii can withstand long periods of drought thanks to their thick, water-storing leaves and are highly susceptible to overwatering and root rot. The amount of water that your hoya kerrii needs will vary by season. In the summer you can water more frequently while in the winter you should cut back on watering significantly. An easy way to tell if your plant is ready for water is to look at the leaves - if they are still plump then it doesn’t need water, but if they are thinner and slightly wrinkled it’s time for a good drink! You can also use a moisture meter to ensure that the soil is completely dry before watering.

Pro Tip: When hoyas are getting ready to grow new leaves or flowers they put out long vines that are often bare for a while. Never cut these vines unless you are trying to control growth. They will grow leaves and/or flowers eventually! 

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